National construction rental equipment company with 88 locations

A 5-minute solution to a million-dollar problem


A major national equipment rental company estimated it was losing $1 million per year due to a damage claims process that was cumbersome, took too long, and often resulted in disputes and refusal to pay. When the company would pick up equipment at the conclusion of a rental period, damaged equipment would be sent to a mechanic for evaluation and repair cost estimate. That information would then wind through a review and approval chain. It would typically take 2-4 weeks before the company notified the renter that there’d been a damage claim and communicate the repair costs. Often, so much time would pass between equipment pickup and damage notification that the customer would refuse to pay.


FormedAI created a smart digital form directly integrated with the rental company’s dispatch system. When the on-site driver identifies damaged equipment at pickup, he can pull up a damage claim form directly from the dispatch app, which automatically imports the necessary customer and equipment information. Via smartphone, the driver can take photos of the damage and include them in the form submission. The form is automatically routed to a district manager, archived for future reference, and instantly sent to the renter with a notification of damage and impeding charges. Documentation takes five minutes and is complete before the driver leaves the site.


The company estimates it will recapture at least $800,000 in lost damage claims per year (80%) by implementing this streamlined notification process.

Reduction in lag time to notify customer of damage claim from 2-4 weeks to same day or next day from equipment pick-up.

An automated and auditable process increases customer claims payment and heightens the company’s professionalism. 

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