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Profits are hiding in plain sight.

Uncover them with AP and Vendor Payment Automation.
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Reduce Cost and Waste

Lower operational costs by finding efficiencies through elimination of paperwork, redundant processes, and incompatible systems.

Increase Productivity

Automation enables vastly higher throughput of critical processes and optimization of workflows, while also reducing error.

Optimize Employee Tasks

Automating repetitive, mundane, error-prone tasks lets you redeploy people to higher valuable, more satisfying work.

data-Driven Decisions

When your business information is accessible, organized, and reliable, you can use it to make faster, smarter decisions.

Our Solutions

Reduce human effort by 80%+

Paperless data capture & management

Eliminate manual data entry with intelligent web forms. Digitally extract data from documents using artificial intelligence, with guaranteed 99% accuracy. Route captured data to store it in the appropriate business applications.

Automated document processing & approvals

Standardize how you handle data, documents, and approvals by automatically executing tasks based on business rules. Replace repetitive, time-consuming, manual tasks like reconciliation and data entry that are prone to error.

Workflow automation & task optimization

 Absent employees or heavy workloads create bottlenecks that can lead to missed deadlines and lost revenue. Automate tasks with smart workflows based on business rules. Use data to power operational improvements and limit headcount.

Data integration across systems

Leverage the investments you’ve already made in technology by ensuring data can seamlessly pass between your business platforms automatically, so it’s always updated and reliable.

Digitized purchase-to-pay workflows

Reconciliation, audit, and virtual payment flows optimize your AP operations. Verify POs, pre-audit invoices, approve and process them faster and with minimal human intervention.

Custom solutions for any data challenge

No matter your business challenge, we have the experience, technology, and tools to help you conquer it. FormedAI can develop a custom solution to help your business run better and smarter.

Meaningful Results

De-risk your business with digitization:

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Automated data workflows
  • Reduce or eliminate fraud
  • Integration of data across applications
  • Consistent processes
  • Faster reconciliation
  • Eliminate waste
  • Employees focused on high-value tasks

Success Stories

Optimize your entire operation

Endless possibilities

Nearly every facet of your business can be improved by AI-driven technology. Turn the documents, forms, and tasks your team works with daily into automated digital workflows that reduce risk with unprecedented efficiency and savings.

Accountant sorting bills
  • PO creation and approval routing
  • PO processing and verification
  • Expense management
  • Invoice auditing
  • GL code automation
  • Payment processing
  • Procure-to-Pay
  • Applicant tracking
  • Employee onboarding
  • Compliance tracking
  • Training and development
  • Employee exit process
  • Benefits administration
  • Contract management
  • Order entry and approval
  • Dispatch tracking
  • Field services management
  • Payment acceptance
  • Inventory fulfillment
  • Customer onboarding
  • Service ticket tracking
  • Location routing
  • Call center monitoring
  • Form and data entry
  • Compliance
  • EOB reconciliation
  • Eligibility verification
  • Patient onboarding
  • Collection & payment plan
  • Service authorization
  • Real-time claims adjudication
Designed for your business

Proven Technology

FormedAI’s tools have been adopted and adored by thousands of businesses of all sizes. We combine our cutting-edge technology with smart process design to create exactly what you need to automate your business.

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Works With ALl Your Applications

Hundreds of Integrations

Leverage the investment you’ve already made in software and technology. FormedAI can link data across systems, ensuring you always have reliable information at your fingertips. We integrate with more than 175 business applications, including:

Become a FormedAI Reseller

Offer FormedAI’s technology solutions as a value-added service to your clients. Any company that handles documents, processes large amounts of data, or wants to improve workflows to become efficient can benefit.

We provide our partner resellers with extensive support including training, marketing materials, and custom implementations.


True peace of mind

Technology-enabled processes free up your time and unlock your data so you can see it and use it to optimize your business. Focus on customers and growth, while your business runs seamlessly.

Real Security

Manage data crucial to your business and implement controls and standards for handling.

Happy Employees

Use your most expensive resource on jobs only humans can do, and protect against turnover.

True Innovation

A digitally automated organization is agile: quickly adapt and make company-wide changes.

Data Compliance

Ensure key standards are met across your entire business with technology governance.

More Visibility

Digitizing data and processes makes key information accessible for quick action

Customer Loyalty

Respond to client demands and increase satisfaction by being faster and more accurate.

Let FormedAI be your guide

Collaborate with us and benefit from our experience on thousands of implementations of solutions that drive improvement with automation and AI-driven technology.