Chain of pain management clinics with multiple locations in the southeast

Automated invoice payment without data entry drama


This pain management clinic chain struggled to process 2,000+ invoices per month across multiple locations to timely pay its bills. First, after receiving invoices via mail and scanning them or getting them via email, the team uploaded and organized invoices into a complex online folder system, and then manually reconciled those invoices against requisitions stored online. After sorting invoices by clinic location, the client had to log into and out of more than 20 separate QuickBooks instances to enter invoices and ensure that each bill was accounted for in the correct business unit’s QuickBooks account with appropriate GL coding. They slowly processed invoices one folder and one QuickBooks account at a time, and had to rename and archive files manually to track payment completion.


FormedAI collapsed this undertaking into a streamlined process that relies on data extraction and automatic data entry. Requisitions are pre-scanned or uploaded, ready to be automatically reconciled against incoming invoices. New invoices are sent to a common inbox, where an AI-powered process extracts fields from each invoice that need to be reconciled and entered to QuickBooks, eliminating the need for manual data entry into QuickBooks. The AP department can quickly review the extracted data, make necessary adjustments, and approve for submission. Then, data is sent to the appropriate QuickBooks instance and automatically GL coded, with no need to log in and out of different accounts. All invoices are catalogued.


Streamlined and sped-up bill payment across the multi-entity group has reduced errors and freed up time for revenue-generating activities

New process automated 90% of previous manual effort and eliminated need for extra AP headcount, saving estimated $144,000 annually 

Dashboards give the visibility to spending data before payment happens, resulting in improved cash flow across all operations 

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