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Transforming field operations with work order magic


With paper work orders, randomized job routing, and no ability to quote additional work, the 60 field service technicians at this franchise of a major national cleaning outfit spent too much time driving and shuffling forms, while the back office staff was hand-entering data into both its ERP and accounting systems. This led to inefficient trips all over a large metro area that cut into service times. Added to that was lots of back-and-forth calls to get price quotes, data entry errors from processing multipart forms, and a long lag time from when a job was completed to when payment could be processed. The company was paying an average of 60 hours a week in overtime simply for staff to get caught up on data entry so that it could bill customers.


FormedAI developed an integrated field service solution to overhaul the entire process of booking, scheduling, and completing jobs. Via smart digital forms on a technician’s tablet, work orders can be created on the fly and additional work can be quoted at the customer’s site. Each day, technicians log in to the app and see a list of pending jobs, which the solution now optimizes geographically to minimize unnecessary drive time. Technicians can process credit card or check payments in the app real-time at job completion. Paper forms have been eliminated and digital data is now seamlessly synched into all company systems and stored for audit purposes.


The company eliminated 60 hours of overtime per week and redeployed four employees to more meaningful tasks by getting rid of costly paper forms.

Better job routing let technicians pick up 1-2 extra jobs per day, leading to an estimated average of $36,000 in additional revenue per day.

Digitizing work order data gave the franchise access to powerful analytics to understand growth, location patterns, and technician productivity.

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